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Army Tents for Sale

Mercenaries receive training abroad under a variety of combat conditions. Trained in the field under real life fire conditions, they are experts at warfare, ready to travel anywhere a dollar can be made. Whether it is fighting a foreign war, protecting the innocent, carrying out a warlords orders, or raiding a diamond mind, they are on the go and ready to move out on a moments notice. Their equipment, next to the dollar, is king, and they have the best. They have the best weapons, the best clothing, and the best equipment. Their equipment includes tents where they might rest at night, or in the day if they're not shooting at something, playing cards or starting a good drinking binge. They have looked the world over at army tents for sale to insure that wherever they are, they have accommodations that feel like home, at least as much as possible.

Whether they are in a South American jungle, or they are posted on top of a sand dune somewhere in the Middle East, their tent is an extension of their personalities, cold and hard. These shelters are soft walled, yet durable, ready to protect them from the elements. Inclement weather will not bother them as they lay cozy, inside, waiting for their instructions. When they need to set up or tear down, it can be done in minutes with these technological marvels that weigh less than a life jacket and pack up smaller than a brief case. They can be assembled in minutes using a frame that is comprised of composite materials from the space age. Lightweight and strong, they are not a chore to move and will go almost everywhere these soldiers for hired go.

The water repellent fabric that the tents are made from is also fire retardant and mildew resistant. The material is durable and will resist abrasion with the greatest of ease. Because it is ultra-violet ray resistant, it will not break down under a hot and bright sun. A ground cover will be laid out before the tent is set up in order to protect the bottom of the tent from lacerations, and to keep it dry. Snowload will not be a factor, as these tents are well engineered and strong.

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